What To Wear For Engagement Photos

Claire Hunt

March 9, 2021

Your engagement photos session is coming up and you have no idea what to wear?!

This is usually the hardest part before getting in front of the camera, so here are my top 10 outfit tips, as well as some visual inspiration from past engagement photo sessions!

These are simply my tips so if these don’t match your vision, that is okay!! I hope they at least help inspire you to find what matches your vibe for the engagement photos you’re dreaming of.


1. wear an outfit you’re comfortable in

First and foremost, before you read anything else, I encourage you to wear something you will feel like yourself in, not what you think you have to wear. This blog is just a guide. I give you these tips from my photography expertise and mindset to guide you so that your photos are the best they can be. But more than anything, I encourage you to wear something you know you will love! Feeling confident is 100% the first step in figuring out what you will wear.

2. allow for movement

My shooting style includes a lot of movement, piggyback rides, getting picked up, playing slingshot, and more so I highly recommend wearing something that can move with you and won’t expose you! If you are going to wear a dress, consider a midi or maxi dress. In every engagement session, I welcome you to bring a second outfit that’s more casual (like overalls, a jumpsuit, or jeans) to have both vibes! Some photographers will charge more for this, but I include it as an option because I want you to get the most out of your photos!

3. consider the location of the engagement photos

Wear something that makes sense for the location and terrain. For example, I wouldn’t recommend high heels if we’re doing a more adventurous session. However, if we will be walking on steady ground, rock those heels, girl! Another example would be avoiding the color green due to being surrounded by greenery/trees. The goal is to choose an outfit that helps you stand out naturally and not blend in.

4. warm/neutral tones photograph beautifully

For your color palette, I encourage you to choose warm tones like these above. Neutral, warm, + earthy tones photograph really well and fit my editing style so seamlessly. Try to avoid colors that are bright (i.e. neons), bold, or distracting. However, sometimes an accent color either on accessories or one layer of clothing can complement your photos so nicely! Dark colors always give a slimming effect and they don’t show sweat so this is especially great to think about for a summer session.

5. consider your wedding colors

When choosing your color palette, you can also consider going with tones that are similar to your wedding colors. In the end, this will be very complementary to a cohesive gallery and for displaying your engagement photos in your guest book on your big day!

6. add a touch of pattern or texture

If you’re wanting to wear a pattern, this can truly be a nice accent! I encourage you to stay away from any bold or distracting patterns and go for more of a minimal, smaller pattern. Plaid can be distracting, so I’d recommend the statement piece being something like floral, a simple animal print, or vertical stripes. Having texture on a jacket, skirt, sweater, shirt, or your hat can add depth to your photos! If you ever wonder if a pattern or texture will photograph well, just contact me!

7. compliment each other

Send me a picture of your outfit and I’ll give you tips on what your man could wear! I would definitely avoid being too matchy-matchy and instead coordinate around your statement piece with complimentary colors.

8. avoid distractions

I would advise you to steer clear of any and all logos. Same with fancy electronic watches.

9. wear accessories

Depending on the season, I encourage accessories like stylish wide-brimmed hats, scarves, jackets, denim jackets, shawls, belts, bracelets, special sentiments, earrings, etc. All of these things can bring great visual interest!

10. for him

Guys, you thought I was going to leave you hanging?! Heck no! A couple of ideas for you would be to wear a denim jacket, casual fitted jeans, a button-up patterned shirt, and/or closed-toe shoes. Nice boots always photograph really well, no matter the season. I do not recommend tennis shoes, shorts, or baseball hats. If you like stylish hats, feel free to bring one along as that can add a lot to your outfit as well.


beyond planning for what to wear, think about how you can connect on the day.

I am always encouraging my couples to see their engagement session day as a date day. Do something that makes the two of you happy – like going on a hike before getting ready, going on a dinner date after your engagement photos, or simply reflecting on how excited you are for this season of life.

Your connection is what makes your photos stand out – not necessarily the outfit you’re wearing. So take time to connect and leave it to me to capture every moment.

If you’re looking for an engagement or wedding photographer, I would be honored to talk with you about locations, timeframe, and more! Learn more about the session packages I offer and inquire to confirm we’re a good fit! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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  1. Such great tips! I wish I had seen something like this before my engagement session. Would have learned so much!

  2. Adriana says:

    Such a useful article, I feel like that’s always the #1 questions couples ask haha! Thanks for sharing!

  3. liz koston says:

    Yes! This! These are such great tips for couples.

  4. Great tips! I completely agree on warm tones- they really pop in photos, especially those golden hour gems.

  5. Heather Lang says:

    Thank you for putting this together! There is a lot to consider when it comes down to wardrobe. I love the images you put alongside the words too <3

  6. Sienna says:

    It’s so important for couples to feel like they can truly be themselves in their engagement photos, and that definitely shines through in their choice of outfits!

  7. Havilah Heger says:

    These tips are SO helpful! Also your images are stunning!!

  8. Laura says:

    Great tips! I like that you included a section for guys – sometimes they’re the hardest to choose an outfit for!

    Also, beautiful photos!!