this is more about you than it is about me...

my name is claire

Even as a kid, I knew moments were constantly fleeting. That sounds depressing at first, but what I realized is that photos have the potential to capture the future memory within that moment as it truly happened. That is a beautiful thing. Those real photos are the photos that are most treasured. I'm not interested in photographing a posed, fabricated version of you or your day. I want to photograph the real stuff. Your belly laughs, your whimsical love, your connection, your unplanned, undeniably-you moments.

It's my hope you'll come out on the other side of your wedding day even more in love. I'm a bit different than most photographers because I won't just show up as a stranger on your day. I'm committed to know you. I'm committed to taking on a limited amount of weddings and elopements per year so you get my utmost service. I'm committed to knowing your vision and helping you through all of the unknowns of planning. The whole day you will find me not missing a beat because I'm there to serve you and I thrive in doing so.

If you're looking for a photographer who will appreciate all of the big and small moments, who will make your guests feel seen and loved instead of remembering a bossy photographer, and who truly cares about your love, you've found your match.

Let's preserve your memories, together.

photography is an investment, and i want you to know i'm invested in you too.


hand on heart
hand on heart
hand on heart

I'll be more than just your photographer.

I am your weather stalker, tissue holder, dress bustler, location finder, defender, timeline planner, hype woman, rogue eyelash fixer, tie straightener, lipstick holder, water provider, confidant, and more. All of this and more I do for you because I love serving.

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What Inspires Me

smitten couples // unique ideas // your union

I find my inspiration from your smitten love, the unique ideas to personalize your day, and your celebration of the sentiment of your union. It is such an honor to be creatively inspired in the location that feels most like home for your love.

As far as my photography style, it's very much inspired by these things:

// true-to-color so I photograph your day as it was
// earthy, nature focus
// intentionality with your lavish experience
// timeless
// connection driven
// movement based, prompt focused

If any of this resonates for what you're looking for, I would be honored to join you on one of the biggest adventures of a lifetime!

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My Favorite Things

the things that make me who i am

When I'm not photographing love, you can find me:

// romanticizing life with my husband
// being a barista in our home
// traveling around the world
// prioritizing experiences over things
// doing yoga
// growing in my faith
// reading a romance or thriller novel
// exploring the great outdoors
// cooking and baking
// eating oriental food
// adoring our cats
// drinking a good glass of wine (or a spicy marg)
// binging shows and trash tv
// listening to alternative jams

Regardless of whether or not we have the same beliefs or things in common, I just want you to know you're welcome here.

Behind the Lens

movement-based, prompt-focused

Behind the lens, it is of the utmost importance to me to capture all of the moments in a way where it means something to you. I won't work off of a pre-planned shot list or force you into awkward poses. Instead, I focus on movement and encouraging you to connect with each other in a natural, effortless way by giving meaningful prompts.

You'll never have to wonder what to do with your hands, but I do know there is a balance with directing and knowing when to step back and capture moments as they unfold. I will ensure everything is flowing smoothly while also letting you take in all of the moments. I promise to always be thinking about your vision and what's important to you. That's what matters anyway - not the Instagram post or that one thing that's a huge fad at the time.

My approach is all about having a servant heart and delivering a gallery that never goes out of style. It is my mission to capture the real you in a timeless, effortless, and intentional way.

The Why Behind What I Do

prioritizing your experience over everything

I have been put on this earth to serve. I'm an enneagram 2 through and through, and I feel that God has given me the gift of a servant heart.

My desire through being a photographer is of course to freeze undeniably-y0u moments, but it goes deeper than that. My hope is to be a light and serve others as Jesus did.

I strive to approach everything with a welcoming heart and aim to be a calming presence on one of the most important days of your life.

I value connection, authenticity, positivity, trustworthiness, joy, and creating a welcoming environment for others to show up as they are - regardless of their background or if their beliefs are the same as mine.

It's an honor to give a lavish experience through my photography services and I hope to do the same for you.


words from my couples

Booking Claire as our photographer was hands down the best decision we made. We’ve never been good with the camera, we always felt too awkward and weird in photos so we were super anxious about just taking photos. But this is Claire’s calling, she made us so feel so comfortable and natural. It was easy to just be ourselves around her from the start! 

ally + brice

Our elopement was 1,300 miles away in Glacier National Park, MT. Claire made the process so easy and headache free for us. She scouted BEAUTIFUL locations for our day and even had backup plans for locations, which came in handy when the weather changed so quickly.

kasandra + keaton

My approach as a photographer is all about having a servant heart and delivering a gallery that never goes out of style. It is my mission to capture the real you in a timeless, effortless, and intentional way. Let's create undeniably-you photos together.

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