My passion for photography was found at a very young age. This comes from my father, who would record and photograph big and small moments when I was growing up. I've always known, even as a kid, moments are constantly fleeting but photos capture the memory that lies within that moment. In 2016, this passion for moments evolved into my full-time wedding photography business and I'm STOKED you're here.

I believe in documenting all of life's moments and illustrating your love story through memorable images.

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This is my why...

Photography is an investment, I do not take that lightly and I want you to know I'm invested in you too... Our friendship begins here.

I tried it all, as many photographers do when they're first picking up a camera - families, branding, portraits... you name it. I quickly learned I would walk away from my time with adventurous couples, whether that be a wedding day, elopement, or engagement session, feeling so inspired by what we captured together. Your story and your unique love is why for the past 5 years, I have specialized in photographing the weddings and elopements that truly reflect you two as a couple. Nothing compares to serving you during these special moments and delivering a photo gallery that authentically illustrates who you are and the love you share.

Hiking and adventure are at the core of who I am. I love the mountains, so when I'm not working, you can expect that I'm exploring the most nearby park! Traveling also fuels my soul and inspires me unlike any other experience.

the outdoors and travel

I'm a huge lover of prosecco and any kind of red wine. I love relaxing after a long day on the couch with a good glass of wine while watching This Is Us.

a good glass of wine

You wouldn't know it, but I have a half sleeve of tattoos and a few others here and there. All of my tattoos have great meaning, so if you ever want to chat about tattoos, I'm your girl! I cannot wait to finish my full sleeve, but taking time to make sure I design it right!


If it's fall, you can bet my cup of coffee is something to do with pumpkin spice and nutmeg. Any other time of the year, I'm drinking it with Reese's creamer. I also just love working in coffee shops too, so I'm thankful photography gives me that excuse! 


Talk about inspiration, right?! I cannot wait to purchase a home and I love getting ideas for all things home decoration and renovation. It's also a dream of mine to renovate a camper and travel around the U.S. with it!

home renovation shows

Just how you can unplug in nature, I love to unplug while either playing guitar to my favorite acoustic songs (one being Cherry Wine by Hozier) or I love to have it playing in the background while I edit and work.

acoustic and alternative music

I am always for trying new recipes with fresh ingredients, learning about supplements and ways to better take care of my body, and I love being active by working out. I have a weekly routine that I stick to and it gives me great mental clarity!

health and being active

get to know me a little more. I love...



Garrett and I have known each other for over 10 years but we started dating July of 2019. We chose to ditch the traditional wedding and elope in the middle of the pandemic of 2020. Through that, this guy has given me a greater appreciation for simply cherishing the connection we have and letting everything else fall into place. He's also my biggest supporter in everything I do and our love is one of my greatest inspirations in photography.



My husband and I always have our next two trips planned out. It's so important to take breaks from the normal day-to-day life and we find that travel, exploring new cultures, and seeing new things really helps refresh and renew our souls!



There is nothing like thrift shopping, finding antiques, or being inspired by boho decorations and details. This style inspires me creatively, so if your wedding vibe is all about boho accents, you can bet my heart will be screaming!



If you're anything like me, you are your best self when you're hiking through mountainous landscapes. The outdoor, care-free lifestyle is what I aspire to raise my future kids around.



His mercies are new every morning. Life can be crazy, right? I'm thankful for all of the blessings God has brought my way and that I am able to pursue my passion of playing a small part in one of your most special days.



This travel schedule is based on current bookings + my own adventures! It's no secret that I love traveling, so let's go wherever your heart desires! If you're wanting to catch me while I'm somewhere specific for no travel fees, I'm always updating this schedule as new trips arise, so check back often! For specific dates, inquire and I'll be happy to share!

Miami, FL | Colorado Springs, CO
Denver, CO | San Diego, CA | Joshua Tree, CA

Greece | Move to Denver, CO | Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN


Do you think we could be a great fit for your wedding day? I can't wait to chat about being your third-wheel adventurer, photographer, timeline planner, location scouter, go-to-gal, resource giver, weather stalker, and so much more. I'm here for you and I would love to help make your photo dreams a reality.