30+ of The Best Colorado Wedding Venues

Colorado wedding venues

Claire Hunt

February 12, 2021

Engaged and Looking for The Best Colorado Wedding Venue?

This list of the best Colorado wedding venues will not disappoint! If you’re looking into having a Colorado wedding either as a destination wedding or you’re planning to stay local to the area and you need some guidance – you have made it to the right place! Are you looking for a modern, industrial venue? Do you a want mountain wedding venue? Or a mix of both vibes?

If you’ve had a hard time finding a venue that meets each requirement you’re looking for, this list of 30+ of the best Colorado wedding venues will serve you well! My style as a Colorado wedding photographer is all about nature, the mountains, neutrals, and the outdoors, so you can trust that I will guide you into the best venues considering all of that.

Each venue’s description will feature the location, distance from the closest major city, capacity, top features, and overall style. If you’d like to click on a venue name to learn more, see their website, and a gallery showcasing more of the venue, that’s exactly why I linked it for you! All links will open in a new tab so you won’t lose your place here. I will give you some tips along the way when it comes to finding the perfect venue for you, so let’s dive right in, friend!

The Best Colorado Wedding Venues Close to Denver

I know how important it is to have a general idea of where a venue is located. If you’re wanting to get married close to Denver so all of your favorite people can fly in to celebrate your love, these venues are all located within an hour of downtown Denver! Styles range from modern to woodsy to elegant to mountainous. Yes, even just an hour from Denver!


Villa Parker

City: Parker, CO – 40 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: This venue is a European dream within a very close distance to Denver, CO. They have so many inclusions like many rooms for getting ready, mountain views for portraits in a field with tall grass, tables, and unique ceremony options.

Style: European, elegant, intimate, classic

See more from this Villa Parker wedding on the blog.


River Bend Wedding Venue in Colorado set up for the ceremony with persian rugs and a gorgeous red rock backdrop. This is one of the best Colorado wedding venues.

River Bend Wedding Venue in Colorad. This is one of the best Colorado wedding venues and the cliffside sunset photos with the bride and groom.

River Bend

City: Lyons, CO – 50 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: This venue features a closeby river, red stone cliffs, a tent for your reception, and getting ready areas! One of the getting ready spots is a charming cottage and the other is a glamping tent. This venue is truly unique compared to others in Colorado! It is an acoustic venue, so keep that in mind for your reception vision! This might not be the venue for you if dancing to your favorite loud music will be a huge part of your night! You could always consider doing a silent disco which is a huge wedding trend as of 2022.

Style: Boho, adventurous, intimate

See more from this River Bend wedding on the blog.


Ceremony space at Pastures of Plenty in Boulder, CO. This is one of the best wedding venues in Colorado.

Pastures of Plenty

City: Boulder, CO – 50 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: This venue is my absolute favorite wedding venue in Boulder. In the venue rental, they include a tent, their in-house catering (they have phenomenal food), antique furniture, the wedding arch pictured above, up to $400 worth of flowers from their farm, a bonfire area, and more! You can truly customize the space however you’d like, there is plenty of room in a field for dancing and it has such an intimate feel.

Style: Boho, open space, blank canvas, nature-inspired


Bonnie Blues Event Venue bride and groom before entering their reception.

Bonnie Blues Event Venue

City: Elizabeth, CO – 40 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: This venue features an indoor and outdoor ceremony space in the Colorado plains. The mountains are a distant view that will highlight all of your photos within your wedding gallery! A wide variety of color schemes and themes would look incredible at Bonnie Blues since it’s such a clean space with a blank canvas. There is also a gorgeous fireplace in the main reception space and a staircase next to it to make your grand entrance!

Style: Elegant, modern, industrial, blank canvas

Pro-tip for selecting your venue: One of the biggest things I recommend to look for in a venue is making sure there is one backup option you would be happy with if the weather were to be inclement on your wedding day if an outdoor ceremony is your first choice!


Woodlands Colorado is one of the best Colorado wedding venues. The ceremony space is set up for a beautiful sunny day.


City: Morrison, CO – 30 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 200-245 guests (depending on the season)

Top Features: There is an indoor and outdoor ceremony space at this venue! If you have been looking for a mountainous, woodsy view, this is the venue you’re looking for! The white barn is for all of the couples who are looking for a reception barn that’s more modern than ranch style.

Style: Woodsy, mountainous, clean, blank canvas


North Star Gatherings

City: Idaho Springs, CO – 51 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 170 guests

Top Features: This is one of my favorites of the best Colorado wedding venues. There is a fireplace in the reception hall, as well as plenty of natural lighting and they are 100% solar powered! This is another venue with a blank canvas and gorgeous, mountainous ceremony views.

Style: Mountainous, unique, clean, blank canvas

See more from a modern, boho North Star Gatherings wedding on the blog.


Moss Denver is one of the best Colorado wedding venues. The inside is a blank canvas and the ceremony space is unique for each couple.

Moss Denver

City: Denver, CO

Capacity: Depending on the room chosen, a max of 120-200 guests

Top Features: The best thing about this venue is that it’s a blank slate to truly customize the space how you envision it! There are multiple rooms to choose from for your ceremony and reception. There is plenty of natural lighting at this venue and once the sun goes down, there will be such a romantic feel with all of the Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Style: Industrial, bohemian, urban, blank canvas


Blanc Denver


City: Denver, CO

Capacity: Up to 150 guests

Top Features: This venue features huge windows in the main reception area letting in all of the sunlight! It is also a blank canvas where you can truly customize the space to how you envision it. If you like exposed brick, this is the venue for you! There is also a gorgeous outdoor ceremony area as you can see above! The look gives off such an urban and vintage vibe!

Style: Urban, chic, modern, industrial

Pro-tip for selecting your venue: If you decide to choose an indoor venue, choose a venue with plenty of natural light and big windows. This can make for some creative photos and also make your wedding photos so bright and clean!



City: Denver, CO

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: Hold your ceremony and reception at the Skylight venue! This venue is the third blank canvas venue I have listed so far! They showcase on their website that they welcome you to bring your own vendors, do a walkthrough with your vendors (which is a huge plus), and more! Your rental is also for 24 hours, so the night of the wedding, you can go home, rest up, and come back in the morning.

Style: Versatile, modern, urban, artsy

Manor House

City: Littleton, CO – 30 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: Okay, I have to be honest with you, this venue isn’t my personal favorite style (it’s more of an estate vibe) BUT it has a breathtaking view of mountains and the Denver city skyline at the outdoor ceremony site. If you’re looking for a higher-end venue with six-acres of land, you have found your match! There is no shortage of places to take your bridal party photos and couples portraits. This venue also gives such an intimate feel because of the indoor fireplace and it’s a white, clean inside space.

Style: Estate, chic, mountainous, classic


The Best Colorado Wedding Venues

Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins

City: Lyons, CO – 50 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 150 guests

Top Features: All packages at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins include a tent for the reception, outdoor ceremony site as seen above, a separate cocktail hour garden while we go take your bride and groom portraits, chairs, and more!

Style: Elegant, backyard vibes, mountainous


The Best Colorado Wedding Venues

Sweet Heart Winery

City: Loveland, CO – 1 hour from Denver

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: There is the option for having a small wedding or traditional wedding here at Sweet Heart Winery! The venue features gorgeous outdoor locations to take bride and groom portraits, an outdoor patio, and wine barrels in the reception space.

Style: Rustic, natural, vineyard


The Best Colorado Wedding Venues Close to Colorado Springs

There are only a few noteworthy venues close to Colorado Springs and I had to include each of these! These venues listed below are all located within an hour or two of Colorado Springs.

The Best Colorado Wedding Venues

Clay Venues

City: Colorado Springs, CO

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: There is a cocktail hour or small ceremony patio on the outside of the venue if that’s what you’re looking for closer to Colorado Springs! This venue has such a clean look, it’s a blank canvas, and you could truly go all out to make it what you desire! With it being so close to Garden of the Gods, we could plan for all portrait photos to be at Garden of the Gods to add more diversity to your wedding gallery!

Style: Urban, industrial, blank canvas, clean

The Best Colorado Wedding Venues

The Barn At Sunset Ranch

City: Buena Vista, CO – 1 hour and 50 minutes from Colorado Springs

Capacity: 180 guests

Top Features: In my opinion, this venue has the most stunning mountainous ceremony view out of all of the venues listed here! The barn is definitely a ranch style, but the hints of cream within the barn make for a clean, elegant space. There is a patio with Edison bulbs that’s perfect for your first dances or a cocktail hour.

Style: Rustic, mountainous, clean

Pro-tip for selecting your venue: If you choose a venue with an area like a patio or courtyard, you can host the cocktail hour at that location while your second photographer takes photos of your reception area before the guests fill the seats. A patio also offers a great opportunity to have your first dance under string lights, a mobile bar setup, or a photo booth for your guest book!


The Best Colorado Wedding Venues

Surf Hotel

City: Buena Vista, CO – 1 hour and 50 minutes from Colorado Springs

Capacity: 20-200 guests depending on the ceremony location

Top Features: There are three different ceremony locations that all have a charm to them! There is a moody ballroom to host your reception and an outdoor courtyard for your cocktail hour or a small ceremony and reception. This venue is everything European with mountainous views and a nearby river for your portraits.

Style: European, moody, intimate, mountainous

Pro-tip for selecting your venue: One really fun reception idea is to have your guests roast marshmallows, and they can do that with the fireplace in this courtyard! Read more about small wedding ideas to make your day unique and intimate.


The Best Colorado Wedding Venues in the Mountains

Lynn Britt Cabin

City: Aspen, CO – 3 hours from Denver

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: Lynn Britt Cabin is on the ski run and you’re surrounded by beautiful, top-of-the-mountain views. You will need a tent for your reception as the cabin is smaller and only accomates up to 60 people. But you can’t get any better than these views!

Style: Spectacular views, mountainous, wildflower lawn in the summer



Granby Ranch

City: Granby, CO – 1 hour 40 minutes from Denver, CO

Capacity: Up to 250 guests

Top Features: Their outdoor ceremony space is stunning. You take a chairlift up marry the love of your life with STUNNING views, then have a drink and wait for your chairlift back down to the reception space. There are 3 different reception venue spaces on the ranch all with different vibes and capacities.

Style: Mountiantop, stunning views, nature-filled


Blackstone Rivers Ranch

City: Idaho Springs, CO – 45 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 250 guests

Top Features: Blackstone hosts one curated and exclusive event each day.  So the venue is reserved for you, and only you on your wedding day.  If you’re looking for adventure or outdoorsy luxury, this venue is for you! This venue is filled with timeless design, privacy, comfort, casual luxury, rustic elegance, and Colorado’s sublime natural beauty.

Style: Rustic elegance, riverfront, mountainous



Spruce Mountain Ranch

City: Lakspur, CO – 1 hour from Denver

Capacity: 250 guests

Top Features: Spruce Mountain Ranch is a mountain event venue with two separate properties over a mile apart. It has several indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception spaces (including Albert’s lodge pictured above!). There is even a reception space on the upper ranch that has a capacity of 1200!

Style: Colorado-inspired style, wide open spaces, outdoorsy and mountainous, rustic



The Best Colorado Wedding Venues

Breckenridge Nordic Center

City: Breckenridge, CO – 1 hour and 35 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: This venue features an outdoor ceremony site with mountainous, forest views and a gorgeous reception area with floor to ceiling glass windows. If you’re having a wedding in the winter months, the inside of this venue is absolutely gorgeous. Your guests will be warm and cozy with the large fireplace inside!

Style: Lodge, outdoor, forest, woodsy


Lunch Rock Ceremony. One of the best Colorado wedding venues.

Lunch Rock

City: Winter Park, CO – 1 hour and 30 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 140 guests

Top Features: This is a newer venue in Colorado and it is absolutely stunning! One really fun feature about this venue is that you and your guests can take a lift to the venue. Especially if this is a destination wedding for you, this makes for an awesome opportunity for some epic photos of you two and it’s a fun experience for guests! This venue can truly be a blank canvas for all of your wedding dreams!

Style: Mountainous, modern, industrial


Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort and Spa

City: Tabernash, CO – 1 hour and 30 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 300 guests

Top Features: This venue features a gorgeous outdoor ceremony site! The unique arch, mountainous views, wildlife, and plenty of areas around the venue to take portraits sets this venue apart! The possibilities are endless and you are able to bring as many or as few people as you’d like.

Style: Ranch, lodge, resort, mountainous


The Best Colorado Wedding Venues

Camp Hale

City: Vail, CO – 2 hours from Denver

Capacity: 250 guests

Top Features: The ceremony site is a blank canvas and it’s an island with water surrounding it! This is one of the only intimate Colorado wedding venues I have come across that features water, so if you’re looking for mountains to combine with water, this is the venue for you!

Style: Mountainous, lake, versatile, blank canvas


Intimate Colorado Wedding Venues

The Little Nell

City: Aspen, CO – 3 hours and 30 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 20-300 guests

Top Features: There are multiple ceremony and reception sites to choose from at The Little Nell! This venue features beautiful panoramic views of the mountains and it’s perfect for a small wedding or traditional wedding in any season!

Style: Romantic, mountainous, intimate


Intimate Colorado Wedding Venues


City: Aspen, CO – 3 hours and 40 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 350 guests

Top Features: A rustic venue nestled in a valley showcasing a mountainous view! You can have a tented reception with all of your favorite people, or an intimate gathering within the lodge if that’s the style you like! T-Lazy-7 Ranch has a gorgeous ceremony spot with plenty of potential to make it exactly what you envision!

Style: Tented reception, meadow, mountainous, vintage


The Pines at Genesee

City: Golden, CO – 30 minutes from Denver

Capacity: 250 guests

Top Features: At The Pines, you’re immersed in a warmly elegant mountain setting, inspired by views of Colorado’s Front Range. A roaring fireplace, large windows, and homey interiors are what you can expect at the Pines.  Set on three wooded acres, The Pines showcases all nature has to offer – rustling groves of pine trees, Colorado wildflowers, even the occasional elk.

Style: Forest, rustic, blank canvas

Vista View Events at Open Heart Ranch

City: Rifle,CO – 3 hours from Denver & 1 hour 30 minutes from Aspen

Capacity: 200 guests

Top Features: This venue is a Rocky Mountain wedding venue rooted in history and inspired by the promise of the future. They boast that they are “a breathtaking Colorado mountain wedding venue for couples seeking a celebration that feels like home”. It’s not a “blank canvas” venue but it’s a breeze to transform. Vista View Events is an elevated barn wedding venue tucked away on 52 private acres at Open Heart Ranch. With breathtaking lake views, grassy knolls bathed in golden lighting, and the kind of mountain sunsets that will stun you.

Style: Clean, transformable, stunning views, lakeside



Having an Intimate Colorado Wedding?

Did you know certain Airbnb’s and VRBO’s will allow you to host a wedding ceremony and/or reception at their home? Renting one is a great option if you’re planning a more intimate wedding, or if you really love the ceremony site of some venues but not the reception space as much. This can also be very budget-friendly! Depending on the size and vision you have, a night rental can range from $700-$3000, which is a fraction of some venues within the state of Colorado! Check out some Airbnb’s to reserve as your Colorado wedding venue here.


The Best Intimate Wedding Venues in Colorado



City: Colorado Springs, CO – 1 hr from Denver

Capacity: 25 guests

Top Features: The Loft is an open concept space that offers 1200 square feet of beautiful usable space. With a high vault ceiling, and clean modern design elements, The Loft is primed for versatility. The private lower level is a cozy retreat in the woods, offering a space for guests to stay, unwind, and enjoy the city. The interior offers a Scandinavian modern charm inspired by the surrounding ponderosa pine forest. The Lofthouse is stocked with everything guests need, in the beautiful backdrop of Colorado’s Black Forest.

Style: Clean, Intimate, Modern, Nature


Intimate, Rainy Sapphire Point Wedding

Sapphire Point Overlook

City: Near Breckenridge – 1.5 hrs from Denver

Capacity: 35 guests

Top Features: Sapphire Point Overlook is one of my favorite intimate wedding locations. It’s close to the mountains and there is a lot to do in Breckenridge after you get married at the overlook! If an elopement is a bit too small for your day but you will have under 35 of your favorite people, this is the location for you.

Style: Intimate, Mountainous, Nature


Juniper Mountain House

City: Evergreen, CO – 30 min from Denver

Capacity: 60 guests

Top Features: For a truly modern mountain experience, have your dream wedding or elopement in Evergreen, Colorado at Juniper Mountain House. With 10 acres of indoor and outdoor spaces, they offer unique gathering spaces for elopements and small weddings. From breathtaking views and charming guest rooms to the vibrant community, you’ll fall in love. You’ll find yourself immersed in nature and surrounded by your closest family and friends for a day – or a weekend – of intimate mountain elegance.

Style: Intimate, modern, elegant, mountainous, gorgeous views


Maroon Bells Amphitheater

City: Aspen, CO – 3 hours 30 min from Denver

Capacity: 50 guests

Top Features: The Maroon Bells Amphitheater is located in White River National forest near Aspen. The amphitheater has views of the surrounding Maroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness. This is only a ceremony venue as they do not allow receptions, but they have a nearby picnic site you can use if you don’t want to travel far or you can rent out an entirely different reception venue. They do require reservations, but don’t accept them for Fridays and Saturdays in June, July and August + Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in September and October. This would be the perfect venue for you if you’re looking for stunning views while you say your “I Do’s” then want to head to a separate location to celebrate your love (after taking some gorgeous photos of course).

Style: Forest, mountainous, nature, intimate open air ceremony venue


Denver Botanic Gardens

City: Denver, CO

Capacity: 10-180 guests

Top Features: If you don’t want to stray too far from Denver but want an oasis feel, The Gardens are what you’re looking for! The venue spaces at the Gardens are surrounded by fragrant blooms, colorful gardens and views that will make your day so unique. They have more than a dozen rentable spaces, so there are a variety of indoor and outdoor venues for anywhere from 10 to 180 guests. There are some more intimate spaces with a capacity around 50 and some much larger with a capacity of 1,200 (for more of a large event) but the average space can hold up to 180 guests.

Style: Unique, luscious botanicals + florals, urban oasis


Meet Your Colorado Wedding Photographer

Colorado wedding photographer capturing emotional vows during the ceremony with a Persian rug aisle.

Photographer fixes the brides dress at River Bend Colorado wedding venue.

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Claire, the girl typing endlessly to serve you all of the details for the best Colorado wedding venues! In case you didn’t know, I’m a Colorado wedding and elopement photographer. I would be honored to guide you through planning a day that completely reflects the two of you. I have photographed at most of these venues myself, so I know all of the secret, hidden gem places. If you haven’t already, head over to check out what’s included in my wedding packages and experience. You’ll learn what it’s like to work with me, what planning help I offer, read FAQs, see the booking process, starting pricing, and more!

I truly hope that you have found this blog helpful and if you choose any of these venues, tell me which one had your head turned in the comments! Happy planning!


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