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I Now Offer Photography Mentor Sessions!

Colorado elopement photographer in the great sand dunes of Colorado

Calling all ambitious, creative, and daring photographers, are you aspiring to grow your business? Maybe you are just starting out and overwhelmed with all there is to do or you are looking to take your business to the next level, wherever you are in your business journey I am here to help! I now offer photography mentor sessions to help you have the same success and joy I have found in this industry.

Colorado elopement photographer in the great sand dunes of Colorado

“Why did you want to start offering photography mentor sessions?”

Since starting photography full-time 2 years ago, I’ve had lots of photographers ask me how I do it. My Instagram DMs are always filled with questions from photographers and honestly, I love it! I love serving my clients, but this influx of DM’s have really made me realize I also love to serve photographers.

I fully believe every photographer deserves the knowledge of how to run their business so that it’s actually enjoyable. When you are first starting out, it can be overwhelming once you find out all there is to learn. You start your business with the hopes of photographing amazing couples. You may have realized you would have to reluctantly work on a website a tad and post on Instagram. In reality, you find out there are endless tasks to do in the backend of your business that no one talks about. There are taxes, contracts, deciding on pricing and packages, branding, becoming a LLC, registering with the state, keeping track of expenses, allocating profits so that your biz is actually profitable AND paying you, marketing, writing copy for your website, advertising, client communications, and honestly I could go on but the list might never end.


Colorado elopement photographer in wildflowers in the mountains of Breckenridge

“What makes you qualified to be a photography mentor?”

I started my photography business full time 2 years ago. Since then I have moved my business across the country and became even more successful here in Colorado than I was in Nashville. 

I have spent countless hours over the past 2 years learning, improving, and streamlining my processes so that I can better serve my clients. My hope is to help you do that too! I want to help you streamline your learning so that we save you time and energy in the process of building your business. 

Many photographers get into mentor sessions to make money and let me just tell you, that is not my goal. While I will say that it’s important to diversify your income (I would be foolish if I didn’t share that with you), I truly have a passion for teaching and for you.

My heart for mentor sessions is all about equipping you with what I know so that you can tackle your business confidently. Some answers are really freaking hard to find, so that’s where I come in. My experience, research, and servant heart combined in one to help you serve your couples better and feel stress-relief when it comes to operating your business.⁠

Colorado elopement photographer Claire Hunt in front of the ocean

I’m not here to push my mentor sessions onto you.

 I will NEVER push mentor sessions on you in my DMs if you have a photography-related question. I am an open book – I always have been – and mentor sessions are for those who are wanting a 1:1 in-depth, tailored approach. You’ll get way more resources than I can give in a simple DM response, but my DM’s are always open.

This can be a lonely career because you work for yourself and with yourself. Finding a community of people who really get it can be difficult. I want to get to know you, your business, your struggles, and your goals so that on those super lonely and frustrating days, I am always a DM or call away with a true understanding of you and your business. I’m here to cheer you on and take the unknowns out of things in your business that don’t come naturally to you.

Colorado elopement photographer Claire Hunt

So how do you know when a mentor session is right for you?

So you have read this far, but how do you know if it is the right time for you to hop in with a photography mentor? Maybe you have been doing this for a while and you’re dying to take your business to the next level. You might have never officially became a legal business. You could be wanting to work towards a more sustainable, fulfilling business and you need to perfect your processes to make your business work for you instead of the other way around. OR maybe you’re a new(ish) photographer and you need to be equipped with the knowledge to take control of all of the unknowns that come with starting a business. Regardless of where you fall, you are why I mentor.

Whether you’re ready for a mentor session now or not, I’m here to help you. I want you to have the same success and joy that I’ve had in my business.

If you’re ready to jump in today, simply head over to my photography mentor page. I am running a special through the end of December for a 1-hour Zoom session completely tailored to you for $150. This is the lowest these sessions will ever be, so don’t sleep on it, okay?

I would be honored to help you show your business who’s boss is.

xx, Claire


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