meet the team

meet the team

photographers focused on serving and capturing the real you.

You have most likely read enough about me at this point, so I just want you to know that my passion with having a team is all about serving and caring for our couples in the best way. With Nicole being on my team, we are able to do this together.

I know how important it is to find a photographer who cares about YOU - who cares about getting to know you, who will help with more than just photography, and who wants to document one of the most important days of your lives in an intentional way. It's also important to find a photographer whose work you love!

If you are here, I imagine you find yourself in these statements and that is what we are committed to. Regardless of whether you have me or Nicole, you will be getting the same experience, same editing style, same photography style, same care, same planning, and a whole lot of service. Now, let's introduce my girl, Nicole!

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I got my first camera in 2014 prior to backpacking through Europe and got TONS of practice on this trip. Although I loved capturing landscapes and architecture, nothing lit me up quite like the way photographing couples and their stories did.

It is such an honor to work with Claire and YOU! Everything about Claire's brand resonates with me as a person and as a photographer. I approach wedding days exactly as she would with my number one priority being to serve you and your loved ones.

You can always count on me to document the big moments of your day, but I also aim to capture the intimate, in-between moments, too. I want to ensure you always remember the anticipation you felt before walking down the aisle, how your dress moved in the wind, and that sweet embrace from a loved one. My goal is that your photos will help transport you back to this exciting season in your life and help you feel every emotion again. I would be thrilled to come alongside you and photograph your day!

lead photographer

team photographer

hand on heart
hand on heart
hand on heart

We will be more than just your photographer.

Together, we are your weather stalker, tissue holder, dress bustler, location finder, defender, timeline planner, hype women, rogue eyelash fixer, tie straightener, lipstick holder, water provider, confidant, and more. All of this and more we do for you because we love serving.

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I grew up in Southern California and absolutely love the ocean. There is just something about its vastness that humbles me on the spot. Plus, there is truly no better scent than the salt in the air by the sea.

Although I am clearly a beach girl at heart, I have loved making a home in the mountains. When I'm not third-wheeling with cute couples like you, you can find me exploring new trails, spending one too many hours aimlessly strolling the aisles of Target, listening to true crime podcasts, enjoying all the wine & cheese with my best gals, taking a ridiculous amount of photos of my baby girl, or binge watching Schitt's Creek with my husband, Nick. Our love story is my favorite (it involves Tinder, an amputated finger, and 6-weeks abroad), but we'll swap stories over cocktails or coffee when we meet!

the things that make me who i am.


Your experience with me starts long before you step in front of my lens. I invest time and energy to get to know you and your story, so that I can capture the parts of your relationship that are authentically you. To me, a perfectly posed and still photograph doesn't capture a feeling the way that a candid one can. Although there is definitely a time and a place for posing (hello family portraits!!), my approach is largely documentary, as Claire's is as well, placing emphasis on capturing the day as it falls. You can also rest assured that I'll provide natural prompts when necessary to help guide you in your interactions with each other! 

On your wedding day, it’s so important that you remain present and available to soak in all the big and small emotions and moments of the day. That means not worrying about whether your champagne is running low, your lipstick is smudged, or whether your photographer will capture your lover's reaction during your first look - I got you!! Serving you is my greatest joy!

my approach is largely documentary, placing emphasis on capturing the day as it falls.


My passion lies in documenting organic moments that tell your unique love story and make you feel alllllll the feels. I'm a hopeless romantic and am constantly inspired by human connection, which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with this career. I feel things deeply, but it's what allows me to capture raw emotion in others! Outside of this, I find inspiration when I’m in nature, traveling to new destinations, and through music.

If any of this resonates for what you're looking for, I would be honored to join you on one of the biggest adventures of a lifetime!

human connection will forever be an inspiration to me.


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We are committed to having a servant heart and delivering a gallery that never goes out of style. It is our mission to capture the real you in a timeless, effortless, and intentional way. Let's create undeniably-you photos together.

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