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most photographers book over 30 weddings a year, meaning you + your story get lost in the crowd. that doesn't happen here at claire hunt photography.

We are committed to photographing timeless, effortless, undeniably-you images. We believe that only happens with actually knowing you and being able to provide a luxury client experience. This experience is made possible by having a team. With a strong foundation in all things photography from our founder Claire, each member adds something new and fresh. We all have our own personality, but no matter who you work with on your wedding day, you’ll be sure to receive photos that bring you back to the very moment. It’s all about you and your love - our team is there to capture each moment and support you on this entire journey.

meet the team

photographers focused on serving and capturing the real you

My passion with having a team is all about serving and caring for our couples in the best way. With Nicole, Kelly, and Rachel being on my team, we are able to do this together.

I know how important it is to find a photographer who cares about you - who cares about getting to know you, who will help with more than just photography, and who wants to document one of the most important days of your lives in an intentional way. It's also important to find a photographer whose work you love!

If you are here, I imagine you find yourself in these statements and that is what we are committed to. This isn't about getting a "less than experience" - regardless of who is available to photograph your day, you will be getting the same experience, same editing style, same photography style, same care, same planning, and a whole lot of service. Now, let's introduce my girls!

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It is such an honor to work with Claire and you! Everything about Claire's brand resonates with me as a person and as a photographer. I approach wedding days exactly as she would with my number one priority being to serve you and your loved ones.

Having pursued photography since 2014, you can always count on me to document the big moments of your day, but I also aim to capture the intimate, in-between moments, too. I want to ensure you always remember the anticipation you felt before walking down the aisle, how your dress moved in the wind, and that sweet embrace from a loved one. My goal is that your photos will help transport you back to this exciting season in your life and help you feel every emotion again.

I would be thrilled to come alongside you and photograph your day!

lead photographer

team photographer


I'm a huge believer in the fact that a photographer is so much more than a button-pusher. I'm all about getting to know you on a personal level and capturing your important moments.

I want to help you bring out the laughs that make your belly hurt, the tears that you didn’t think would come out during a photoshoot, and that super romantic epic kiss that you only see in movies. Everyone has their story and I want to capture you in the most authentic way I can, because your story matters.

I wake up everyday incredibly grateful for all the amazing people I get to meet and all the love stories I get to capture through working with Claire. I would love to get to know you and photograph this special season together!

team photographer

Documenting stories of love and connection makes my heart beat hardest and it would be an honor to photograph yours! To me, this is so much more than just taking your photo, I believe in putting your experience at the forefront. When I’m behind the camera, I come with so much love for you, your people and your story.

It’s my priority to truly get to know you and document every moment big and small in an authentic, storytelling way. You deserve to look through your photos year after year and be transported right back to that moment — the gut-busting laughs, the sounds of glasses clinking during cocktail hour, the just-married bliss with your lover.

I am overjoyed to be working for Claire, her values as both a human and photographer are in alignment with my own. I would love to meet you and be a part of this exciting season of your life!

MEET rachel

team photographer

hand on heart
hand on heart
hand on heart

We will be more than just your photographer.

Together, we are your weather stalker, tissue holder, dress bustler, location finder, defender, timeline planner, hype women, rogue eyelash fixer, tie straightener, lipstick holder, water provider, confidant, and more. All of this and more we do for you because we love serving.

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We are photographers committed to having a servant heart and delivering a gallery that never goes out of style. It is our mission to capture the real you in a timeless, effortless, and intentional way. Let's create undeniably-you photos together.

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