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Romantic, Whimsical Summer Wedding in Aspen, Colorado

Have you ever thought about marrying the love of your life on top of a mountain? No I’m not talking about eloping, I’m talking a full on wedding of all your closest people on the top of a mountain. Sounds dreamy, right? Well I’m here to tell you, that’s a possibility, not a far off dream! This whimsical and romantic wedding took place in Aspen Snowmass at one of their many wedding venue spaces. I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that a ski village?”. Yes, it totally is! Though in the summer, you would never be able to tell. Bonus, the views are stunning! Imagine saying “I do!” with the view below on one side and all of your favorite people on the other. Let’s chat a little more about this wedding venue as well as this couple who had their wedding in Aspen, Colorado.


Romantic, Whimsical Summer Wedding in Aspen, Colorado


Why have your wedding in Aspen, Colorado?

Well if the views alone aren’t enough to convince you, let’s chat about a wedding in Aspen Snowmass. They have 7 different venue choices in the village. Some are outdoor, some are indoor, capacities and seasons they are open change, and they all come with their own unique view! This particular wedding took place at the Lynn Britt Cabin. Two great things for logistics of an Aspen Snowmass wedding is that they have plenty of lodging in the area and they offer in house catering. So it’ll be easy for your guests to find places to stay and you get to more easily check a couple things off your wedding to do list!

This venue is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking to have a Colorado wedding in the mountains with these stunning views! If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the Colorado mountains, but want to stay closer to Denver, check out Granby Ranch. I just photographed a gorgeous wedding there, you can find the blog here!


Romantic, Whimsical Summer Wedding in Aspen, Colorado


Steve + Melani + Their Love Story

Now let’s chat a little about this adorable couple. Steve and Melani were SUCH an in love couple. They had a bit of a longer engagement, but said they loved having time to really enjoy the engagement. Melani said, “I always thought I would get engaged and get married a couple months later, but its actually been really fun just enjoying every step of the planning process without feeling rushed.” Isn’t that so romantic? I love that they planned at their own pace and made sure to just enjoy the phase of life they were in!

They both knew pretty quickly that each other was the one! In Melani’s words, “Besides the physical attraction, we instantly clicked and our conversations flowed so naturally. When he dropped me off after our first date I got out of the car and he said my name… I looked back through the window and he told me I had his heart and not to crush it. I pretty much knew from then on that he was my person.” 



The Aspen, Colorado Wedding

As we chatted about, they got married at Aspen Snowmass at Lynn Britt Cabin. It’s a ski run/village, but in the summer it makes for a fabulous wedding venue. The views are to die for and you have less crowds than in the winter. They had a whimsical and romantic decor design and it was perfect for their personalities and the venue.

Their flowers we so colorful and cheerful and fit the venue so well. Their cake was even yellow! Now, I know a yellow wedding cake sounds a bit crazy, but wait till you see it. It fit their decor and personalities perfectly. It was the perfect addition to their reception. They pulled off the whimsical yet modern and romantic vibes stunningly and everything looked gorgeous for their wedding in Aspen, Colorado.



Special Touches

Something super special about their day was Melani wore her mom’s necklace that her dad gave her on their 1st wedding anniversary. She also wore some of her grandma’s jewelry. It’s little sentimental touches like that that always pull on my heart strings and make every wedding so special. 

Melani + Steve really just wanted to have an authentically amazing time and celebrate their love with their closest people and wanted their photos to reflect that. So we made it happen! They had the best day and the time of their lives on the dance floor at the end of day. It was a day full of love and laughter and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Romantic, Whimsical Summer Wedding in Aspen, Colorado


This Romantic, Whimsical Summer Wedding in Aspen, Colorado

Now that I have sufficiently hyped you up to see this gallery, what are you waiting for? Scroll on down and take in all the whimsical beauty! If you are looking at all these photos and thinking, “I need to have my wedding in Aspen, Colorado!”, I know a really great photographer who would love to hear about your love story. (It’s me!) Let’s chat all things your love story and how you want the best day of your life to be captured. I can’t wait!




Venue: Aspen Snowmass

Photographer: Claire Hunt Photography (of course)

Makeup: GR Hair and Makeup

Florist: RLY RLY Studio

Planner: Michele Venter with Urban Events

Cake: Coppelia Cake Design

Caterer: ASC Catering

DJ: DJ Naka G


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