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A Picnic + Downtown Engagement Photos in Denver, CO

Unique engagement sessions have my heart! Alyssa + Alex wanted to enjoy Denver during their downtown engagement photos and they had the most fun ideas to incorporate. A pizza picnic, disco balls, champagne, and a beautiful bouquet — made by Alyssa herself. This engagement session with A + A was so fun. I’m so excited to share these downtown engagement photos with you! Let’s dig into this location and Alyssa + Alex’s love story a little!

Downtown Denver Engagement Photos + A Picnic at Cheeseman Park

Undeniably-YOU Engagement Photos

To me, engagement sessions aren’t just to get some good photos. Let’s photograph this season of life as it is now. Let’s photograph the things you enjoy — your fave pizza, your favorite beer, your favorite colors, your favorite locations, the best ice cream shop, the neighborhood you live in. The possibilities are endless. It is always our goal to photograph timeless, effortless, undeniably-you photos. We did just that for Alyssa + Alex.

Nicole, my team photographer, took these freaking BOMB photos. I can’t wait for more of you to be served by her in 2023. To learn more about Nicole, head to the meet the team page to meet her and learn more about how amazing she is.

A Picnic + Downtown Engagement Photos in Denver, CO

Cheesman Park + Downtown Engagement Photos

We started off their downtown Denver engagement shoot at Cheesman Park and then headed to the top of my favorite parking garage in downtown Denver. Cheesman Park is just east of Capitol Hill in Denver. It’s a peaceful little retreat from urban Denver. We loved that we got to incorporate a little bit of earthy vibes to this shoot while still keeping true to the spirit of Denver. The park is about eighty-acres. It’s centered around a beautiful grassy lawn and overlooked by the marble Cheesman Memorial. The Cheesman Memorial building is a gorgeous greek-inspired pavilion. It didn’t quite fit the vibes of this shoot though. So we went with a picnic in the park and some photos in this cute little wooded area for the Cheesman park portion of the shoot. For the rooftop portion, we won’t reveal our secret spots, but the view of downtown Denver really was stunning.

As we’ve chatted about, Alyssa + Alex wanted their downtown engagement photos to be uniquely-them. Some of their special touches were having a picnic in the park with their absolute favorite food, pizza, and bopping around Capitol Hill, since they’ve lived in the neighborhood for 7 years! I think my team photographer, Nicole, really captured their unique love for these downtown engagement photos.

A Picnic + Downtown Engagement Photos in Denver, CO

Alyssa + Alex’s Love Story

Alyssa + Alex have been in it for the long haul! They’ve been together for almost 8 years. You can tell just how deeply they love and understand each other. They are truly best friends and that shows in their relationship and in their engagement photos. I asked Alyssa + Alex to describe their love and they said “supportive, easy-going, patient, and fun.. even the most mundane tasks are fun together!”. Doesn’t that just melt your heart? You know you’ve found your person when they can make the most mundane tasks fun! As an engagement present, they were gifted a bottle of champagne that they brought to the shoot. They got to pop that champagne and celebrate. The photos of them celebrating are the cutest things.

Alyssa is a florist so she made the bouquet you’ll see in the photos. Her work is amazing! If you want to check her out head to her Instagram @alyssamariefloral. Both Alyssa + Alex are in creative industries as Alex is a musician. So, of course, they’ll be having a live band at their wedding! A + A were the cutest for these downtown engagement photos. They truly are best friends and that definitely shows through in the photos. They, like most every one else, weren’t super comfortable in front of the camera. Once they relaxed and just started enjoying the moments together, their love really shone through! I can’t wait to see all their wedding plans come to life.

A Picnic + Downtown Engagement Photos in Denver, CO

These Unique Downtown Engagement Photos

Now that we’ve chatted about their love story and these adorably unique photos, let’s look at them! I hope you find all the inspiration for an engagement photoshoot of your own. Just remember to always make sure they are unique to your love as a couple and undeniably-you!


Photography: the Claire Hunt Photography team

Florals: Alyssa Marie Floral

Pizza: Redeemer Pizza



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