Great Sand Dunes National Park Sunset Elopement

Jadyn + Andrew have such a cute origin story. They met at one of my favorite quick stop coffee shops here in Colorado – Dutch Bros! They worked together and Andrew was super into her. Jadyn was so against it at first, but then one day her mindset flipped a switch and she wasn’t against it anymore. This shoot in Great Sand Dunes National Park was a perfect way to celebrate their love for each other.

By the time we did this shoot, Jadyn + Andrew had been dating for about six months. Their love for each other was so evident and the romance was definitely in the air that day! There were loads of giggles, care-free fun, and romantic moments shared between them while nestled in the dunes of the park. 

Great Sand Dunes National Park is one of those places where it’s almost too magical to describe or even capture. Almost! It is a perfect neutral backdrop for those couples looking for simplicity but still wanting grandiose. It isn’t your typical mountainous backdrop of Colorado, but don’t be too quick to rule this location out. Wait until you see Jadyn + Andrew’s photos, you’ll soon agree with me.

The sunset added an extra touch of warmth and magic to this session. There was enough wind to help create movement, but not too much. At the end, when the alpenglow was hitting the mountainscape, it felt like we were in Hawaii. This couple and this location truly took my breath away.

Now that I have sufficiently hyped up this couple, the gallery, and location, here is the sunset elopement in The Great Sand Dunes National Park.

The Sunset Elopement at The Great Sand Dunes National Park


Photography: Claire Hunt Photography 

Workshop: Sights & Wanders

Dress: Eleanor’s Bridal

Bouquet: Figment Floral


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