Sunrise Engagement Photos at Lost Gulch Overlook

man and woman swinging around at lost gulch overlook

Claire Hunt

December 30, 2021

There aren’t many people I would wake up before sunrise for, but Bre + Dan are two people I’d gladly do it for. These Lost Gulch Overlook engagement photos were made that much more majestic in the soft, glowy sunrise light. So I was happy to sacrifice my sleep to capture these gorgeous photos.

Bre + Dan thought they wouldn’t feel natural in front of the camera for their sunrise engagement photos. Dan was SUPER excited about the session (insert sarcasm here). One of my favorite things about this job is getting to break down barriers with my couples just by getting to know them. I love to make every session an experience that is fun and interactive. Of course, I will be prompting you along the way, but I want to work with you to capture your love in its purest form. Dan quickly loosened up once we broke down those barriers and we all had so much fun!

Reasons For a Sunrise Session at Lost Gulch Overlook

If you are considering taking photos at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder, it’s so important to remember that there will be crowds. It’s a really popular spot with no hike, but the panoramic mountain views are 100% worth it. My best advice for your own photos at Lost Gulch Overlook is to plan for shooting at sunrise. Not convinced? Let me break down my reasoning to consider sunrise engagement photos at Lost Gulch Overlook:

1. Beat the Crowds⁠

This is the perfect option for couples that want to capture their session at a popular spot, or if you just prefer having more privacy loving on each other in front of a camera.

⁠2. Golden Soft Light⁠

I love sunrise lighting. It’s usually softer than the evening golden hour, and sometimes clouds or fog create such a vibe.⁠

3. The Position of the Sun

Some locations have a gorgeous mountain backdrop (like Lost Gulch Overlook), but it’s actually not great from a photography perspective unless it’s at sunrise. Meet every photographer’s struggle of finding locations with perfect lighting.

4. Lesser Chance of Rain⁠

Especially during the summer months, this is a huge thing to consider. Many times in June and July, the weather forecast calls for rain in the afternoon, so you can usually avoid this altogether by choosing sunrise if your schedule won’t allow a reschedule.⁠

4. You have the rest of the day to enjoy⁠!

Instead of anticipating your session all day, and potentially even feeling nervous about it, starting your day with your session takes all of those nerves away quicker.⁠ On top of that, you get to spend the day doing whatever you like rather than having to plan around a session.

5. During the summer, it will be cooler weather⁠.

If you prefer being cooler and not sweating from nerves AND heat, sunrise is perfect for you. Especially going up into the mountains, it will normally feel really nice, and maybe even a little chilly.⁠

The Sunrise Engagement Photos at Lost Gulch Overlook

It was such a joy to get to capture these photos with Bre + Dan. One of my favorite things about my time with them was that we connected so effortlessly. So much so, they decided to have me as their New York wedding photographer in 2023! I cannot wait to share more of their love, but in the meantime, enjoy their sunrise engagement session at Lost Gulch Overlook.


Looking for a photographer willing to do a sunrise engagement session? Let’s chat! I would love to hear about your love story.


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