How to Get a Colorado Marriage License

colorado marriage license

Claire Hunt

January 24, 2022

Getting a Colorado marriage license is one of the most common last-minute stressors for my couples eloping in Colorado. Because so many of my couples have this issue, I figured it was time to write out some information on getting a Colorado marriage license. I’m always trying to continually guide and serve you as best and proactively as I can. In this blog, you’ll find answers to most of the questions you’ll have around a Colorado marriage license. If you still have questions after reading, email me! I would love to help in any way possible. Now, let’s get to making your Colorado marriage official!

Disclaimer: These are tips and tricks I have learned through shooting tons of elopements and weddings in Colorado. I cannot guarantee you can legally get married in Colorado.

colorado marriage license

Colorado Marriage License 101

Getting a Colorado marriage license is honestly pretty straightforward, but the rules and regulations are sometimes different depending on the county so make sure to double-check on that county’s website so you don’t run into last minute issues. The good news is, it doesn’t matter which County Clerk’s office you go to to get your license! Some counties require online or in-person appointments. Some counties allow you to fill out most of the paperwork online. If you live in Colorado, you can even have your license mailed to you after your online appointment. Just make sure to double-check the specific rules and regulations for your County Clerk’s office.

One of the best things about a Colorado marriage license is that you can solemnize your own marriage! A marriage may be solemnized by an officiant who has been ordained or recognized by a religious denomination, a judge of a court, a retired judge, a court magistrate, a public official whose powers include solemnization of marriages, a Native American tribal official or a friend or relative who is ordained OR you and your lover can solemnize it. Neither witnesses nor officiants are required for a valid self solemnization.

Self solemnization means that you and your lover may put your own signature on the officiant line to make your marriage legal. Colorado does not require witnesses for a legal marriage, but there are two witness signature lines on the Colorado marriage license. These are optional in Colorado, so feel free to leave them blank if you want to. But if you want someone to sign the document, they absolutely can. For an adorable touch, you could even have your dog sign as a witness. Just bring along an ink pad and add their paw print!



What to Expect at Your Colorado Marriage License Appointment

First off, let’s chat questions you can expect to be asked at your appointment:

  • What’s the date that you are getting married?
  • Where you are marrying in Colorado?
  • If you were previously married, what’s the exact date and location of your divorce or previous spouse’s death? Both parties must be able to provide this information. If you were previously in a civil union, you must provide the name of your partner in the civil union.
  • What’s the city and state where parents of both parties were born?

colorado marriage license

FAQ Section

What do I need to get a Colorado marriage license? What documents do I need?

Your first step should be to fill out the Colorado marriage license application form and get an appointment at the County Clerk’s office (in-person or online). Most counties require both you and your lover to be present at the appointment. For some counties, you can fill out an Absentee Affidavit and bring along their ID. 

The only documents you will need are valid forms of identification (US driver’s license/ID, US military ID, or a passport). If you have a social security number you will have to provide that, but you are not required to have a social security number to get married. If you are a minor or previously married you’ll need some more documentation. You can find more information on that on Denver’s website.

If you need a copy of your license just let the office know and they can send you one for a small fee.

What does a Colorado marriage license cost?

A Colorado marriage license costs $30. Payment methods vary on county though (some require cash), so double-check the method of payment for the office you’re going into.

How long does it take to get a Colorado marriage license? Is there a waiting period?

There is no waiting period for marriage licenses in Colorado. If you wanted to elope the same day, you totally could! The appointment itself is a lot more painless than other states as well. Your appointment should take around half an hour in the County Clerk’s office. Just make sure to get married and sign the license within 35 days of getting it!

Who can get married in Colorado?

Pretty much anyone can get married in Colorado. They make it easy for residents of all 50 states to legally marry in Colorado. They also allow non-US citizens, same-sex marriages, and proxy marriages. There are some restrictions based on age, blood relations, and current marital status. You can check out Denver’s website for more info on restrictions.

Can I use a marriage license from a different state in Colorado? 

It depends on which state we are talking about. Only a few states allow you to get married in another state and then return to that state to file your license. Your best bet would be to call the government office for filing your marriage license in your state and ask. If they don’t allow it, just plan ahead to get your license when you arrive in Colorado.

I’m a Colorado resident getting married in another state OR I’m not a Colorado resident getting married in Colorado, what do I do?

If you are a Colorado resident but getting married in another state, get your marriage license in the state (or county) that you are having your ceremony in. Colorado requires their marriage licenses to be signed in Colorado. The good news for non-Colorado residents is that Colorado does not require you to be a resident to get a Colorado marriage license. Make your appointment for when you come into town for your ceremony! 

Tip: They require that the license be signed within 35 days of receiving it and filed with the County Clerk’s office within 63 days of signing. There are normally late fees associated with licenses filed after 63 days of being signed.

colorado marriage license

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Now, go on and get married to your lover in Colorado! If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding or elopement, let’s chat. I would LOVE to hear your amazing love story and how I can serve you.


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