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Why I’m Changing My Business Instagram Into a Personal Account

Why I’m Changing My Business Instagram Into a Personal Account

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Something that has been on my heart for a while is wanting to change my business Instagram account into more of a personal account. Even though my business account has always been more so personal, I felt this was a needed change this year. Some of the reasons are more personal, while some are more strategy. 

If you are feeling any kind of tugging or pulling in the same direction, I want you to consider this your permission slip to also do the same or a similar thing that feels good to you. I’ve had multiple conversations in the DMs as I’ve been hinting that changes are coming, and I just know that many of us feel this way. 

Some exciting news to share!

If you are not currently following me on Instagram, then I have a very huge announcement to share with you, and it’s one of the reasons for why I’m changing over to more of a personal Instagram, and that’s because I’m pregnant with my first little babe and I’m so excited! I am currently 13 weeks and will be delivering in July. 

This all kind of goes back to talking with you in episode 36 about why personal branding is a non-negotiable for photographers. I mean, it’s truly a non-negotiable for any entrepreneur in the online space because it’s how we create common connections to those who follow us or who we may want to hire. It’s also easier to trust someone when they share a bit about their personal life. 

I’m really excited to share this part of my life, and to be a mom and still be an entrepreneur, while still pursuing my photography business, my education business, and recording podcasts for you. One of my biggest hopes in being a mom and sharing this part of myself is that it will help to be more relatable and to also encourage others who are in the same season to not lose themselves because it can be easy to not pursue our own passions when we become mothers. 

With that being said, I know that business and life are going to change drastically. I honestly don’t even know what to expect when it comes to being a mom and having a business that I’m so passionate about, but I do know my main purpose in this life now will be to be a mom and to raise my kid. 

There’s honestly so much I could share just about all of this, but I just want to open up that invitation that if you are in a similar season of life, please feel free to DM me at any time. I would love to connect with you. 

Having my Instagram reflect where I’m at now

The other reason why is because my current Instagram handle is @clairehuntphotography, and I’ve been more than Claire Hunt Photography for a long time. There is so much talk about having a niche, and sharing specific things, and being clear on your ideal client, and that’s very beneficial. I mean, it’s pretty clear that my ideal follower and clientele is photographers, And I’m not at the point where I’m burnt out and only want to be an educator. And while I will always be a photographer, I’m more than that now, and I felt like it was time for my Instagram to truly reflect that. 

I do see myself focusing on more of the education side of things so I can have more of an impact in photographer’s lives, and with that, a lot of my offers will be changing this year. They will be more accessible and make a bigger impact, so there will be more educational content on my feed. 

Sharing unscripted and unfiltered moments

The next reason that I’m changing my business Instagram into a personal account is because I really want to share more of the unscripted moments and have a less curated feed. And I know it’s very beneficial as a photographer that your feed does look presentable and it’s clear what you’re offering, but I do think there is a benefit and such value going back to the personal branding piece of sharing your personal, unscripted, unfiltered moments with your audience. 

And to be honest, I don’t think this is going to come naturally to me. I like things to be more put together and organized, but I do want to put less pressure on myself to have this perfect feed. As a photographer, it’s so easy to share more about everyone else’s lives and their wedding days, but I also want to push myself and share more of what’s going on in my life, not only just to share it, but to look back on those moments. 

So, those are the 3 main reasons why I’m changing my business Instagram account. As you can see, it’s still going to have a business feel to it with a lot of education, but at the same time, there will also be a lot of personal touches. 

It feels so exciting and so freeing, and I truly feel this is more aligned with who I am and the direction I’m taking my business. And so my handle will hopefully be changing to @itsclairehunt, so stay tuned for that. It’s such an exciting season and I truly value you as a human and as someone who continues to show up in your own world and take the action to listen to helpful education. 

If you feel tugged to go in a similar direction and have a more personal and uncurated feed to your Instagram, I would love to know that as well. I will be rooting for you and I really think 2024 is going to be the year of less curation.


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