How to Elope at The Paint Mines

Claire Hunt

August 15, 2022

How to Elope at the Paint Mines in Colorado

So you want to elope at the Paint Mines in Colorado? Congratulations! This location is stunning no matter the time of year. Below you’ll find tips and tricks for eloping in the Paint Mines and a Paint Mines elopement gallery for some inspiration. If you are looking to have a Paint Mines elopement of your own and need a photographer, let’s chat!

What are the Paint Mines and where are they?

The Paint Mines is a park 45 minutes outside of Colorado Springs, but it’s not the typical mountain view you think of when you think of Colorado. It’s the most unique rolling hills, the paint mines, and usually a cotton candy sky for sunset. There are also windmills (which give a very Palm Springs, CA vibe). This is such a unique location for Colorado and offers so many diverse backgrounds! The elopement in this blog was in late January (if you look closely you can see snow on the ground). No matter the time of year or the weather this location is beautiful. 

How to elope at the paint mines

Where Do We Park?

There are designated parking areas all around the Paint Mines. However, since I’ve been there I know the best spots for parking when it comes to the best locations for pictures. If you’re dying to elope at the Paint Mines, let’s chat! You can expect a little bit of a walk from the parking lot, no matter which lot you choose, but it’s not much of a hike… think a casual stroll.

Sunset Elopement at Paint Mines - How to Elope at The Paint Mines

How Do I Get Our Marriage License in Colorado?

I’m so happy you asked! I have a blog on how to get your marriage license in Colorado. Go check it out if you need a concise but helpful answer to this question.

Sunset Elopement at Paint Mines - How to Elope at The Paint Mines

What’s the Best Time of Year for a Paint Mines Elopement?

In short, the best time to elope at the Paint Mines is anytime! Let’s dig a little deeper into it though. The Paint Mines is located in Calhan, CO. It’s at approximately 6,500 feet elevation, which is a lower elevation than other locations in Colorado. Because of that, it’s warmer than other locations with a higher elevation.

The land itself is pretty flat so you have a lot less geological + natural features, think hills and trees, to block the wind and sun during the day. This means you need to be prepared for wind no matter the season. You’ll want to plan for a sunset or sunrise elopement, or plan for the sun to beat down on you. Rain storms are pretty typical here during the summer season so it never hurts to have a backup plan incase of rain!

Other than that, you can expect the weather to behave just like the rest of Colorado in the different seasons! But knowing these few things about the area can help you pick the best time of year that will fit your vibes!

Sunset Elopement at Paint Mines - How to Elope at The Paint Mines

Do We Need a Permit?

The Paint Mines does require a permit for getting married and as of now, it is $100. If we’re working together, I will help with all the permits, but if you are using another photographer, be sure they point you in the right direction for the permit.

Sunset Elopement at Paint Mines - How to Elope at The Paint Mines


Meet Anna + Chase – A Paint Mines Colorado Elopement

Anna was my childhood best friend. When she reached out saying that she and Chase wanted to elope in Colorado with me as their photographer, I was completely honored. Anna had the vision of a very simplistic elopement, all while still being intentional with every detail.

They had a cute, white Airbnb cabin for getting ready in Woodland Park and then we went over to the Paint Mines from there. We started with some portraits and walked around until we found the spot that they wanted as their vow backdrop. They shared personal vows, popped and enjoyed champagne, cut their cake, took photos with their jeep during sunset, and signed their marriage license. 

Sunset Elopement at Paint Mines - How to Elope at The Paint Mines

Why Elope?

Eloping has been up-trending lately, but Anna + Chase weren’t just being trendy. “The thought of a traditional wedding has always given me crippling anxiety given my dysfunctional family background, among other things. I’ve never wanted a traditional wedding and Chase didn’t want to watch me endure the agony of planning something that I never had envisioned for myself.”

I feel like a lot of people can relate to Anna’s words. If you have been considering eloping for whatever reason, take the leap! This day is meant to be about your and your lover. No one else should matter in the decision-making process. If a bigger wedding isn’t your vibe then don’t force it! And if you need a little reassurance to take that leap, check out the gallery below. You’ll want to elope after seeing these photos trust me!



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