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Wedding Details Checklist: What to Bring for Your Wedding Day

One of the last-minute texts I never want to get from my couples is, “What do I bring for my wedding detail photos?”. I like to equip my couples with this knowledge right as we start working together. As your wedding photographer, I want to help you feel as prepared as possible for your big day! That means prepping smart and early, especially with your wedding details checklist. Since we don’t stan gatekeeping around here, I am going to share this wedding details checklist with you, regardless of whether you’re my couple or not.

To start off, I want to make sure we chat about this before anything else. For your wedding detail photos, there is no one size fits all. You can bring whatever items are special to you and your love. Your wedding day details can be as extravagant or as minimalistic as you want. Use these recommendations as simply that – a recommendation. Anything that’s important to you can be included and it’ll be beautiful because of that.

Let’s break this checklist into two categories. One for the bride and one for the groom. Of course, some things might overlap and some things might not make sense for you. Again this isn’t a one size fits all. Use this as your guide and then build or decrease from there!

Let’s get to the good stuff, your wedding details checklist!

Your Wedding Details Checklist: What to Bring for Your Wedding Day

Wedding Details Checklist for the Bride

1. Your Wedding Attire

You’ll want to pack up everything you’ll be wearing for your day. So think shoes, jewelry, rings, wedding dress, veil, your bouquet, and even your getting ready attire. I’ll be able to capture some special shots of these off your body before you put them on!

P.S. For extra special photos of your dress, bring a special hanger for your dress as well. If you don’t have one, I will have one of my wooden hangers which is versatile for any kind of dress or style you’re going for.

2. Stationary

You’ll want to pack up at least one full set of all of your paper goods. From your full invitation suite to those special napkins you had made with your dog’s face on them. Pack up of all of those as well as any vow books you or your partner have and any letters your write to each other for the day of. Bonus: I can deliver those love letters right after photographing them so you don’t have to assign that duty to groomsmen.


Wedding Details Checklist: What to Bring on Your Wedding Day

3. All the Special Items

Have a special perfume you’ll be using exclusively on your wedding day? Bringing a family heirloom as your something borrowed? Just have some super special or unique items you want to make sure are captured in some way on your day? Bring them all! Your wedding details photos should be as unique and special as you, so make sure to put all the items you hold dear as a couple in the box.


Wedding Details Checklist for the Groom

1. Your Wedding Attire

Just like the bride, you’ll want to pack into your box everything the groom will be wearing on your wedding day (except maybe his tux). Things that will help me make your detail shots more unique are things like shoes, socks, cuff links, watch, tie, wedding ring, and the boutonniere or pocket square. All of these items may seem like a small part of his outfit, but you’ll want to make sure you have some photos of these details to look back on.

2. Special and Unique Items

You’ll also want to pack up any items your groom holds near and dear to his heart for the wedding. This could be sincerely anything, but some examples would be his vow book, a letter from the bride, groomsmen gifts, a flask (bonus points if it’s extra special in some way), and his cologne. All of these special and unique items will give your details photos an extra special touch to them!


Wedding Details Checklist Completed?

Pack all of the things up in a shoe box and have it ready for me to start photographing at the beginning of the day! Want a more tangible checklist that you can literally print out and cross off when you are packing up for the big day? Click here to download this free wedding details checklist!

Print out the checklist, cross off what you put in your box as you put it in then tape it to the lid. You’ll know exactly what is in the box without having to look inside!

I hope this helps you find a little relief in your wedding planning process. I want to make sure I emphasize that you can bring whatever items mean the most to you – this is just an inspo list! If we are working together on your day, I always make sure to bring styling details like fabrics and ring boxes. So don’t worry if you only have a few details to photograph or are worried about their cohesion, I got you!

If you are still looking for a photographer for your wedding or elopement, let’s chat. I would love to hear about your love story!


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