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Mountain Engagement Photos at Mount Falcon Park

Everyone, meet Laurel + Kale. They were so much fun to photograph and wander around Mount Falcon Park with. The mountain engagement photos we captured together exuded their personalities. Laurel is such a free-spirit and Kale is full of calming energy. Their personalities were a match made in Heaven. I am so stoked to see where life takes them! 

Look closely at their gallery below and you’ll see the ROMEance flask. These two met at a hostel in Europe. How freaking cool is that! They had an instant connection the moment they saw each other. According to Laurel, it was just he was wearing ripped jeans and super cute. They have a love for traveling and going on mini-adventures, like going to wine bars and building their new townhome.

For these mountain engagement photos, Laurel + Kale made it a point to make a day of their engagement session and spend time together doing things they love before meeting up with me. This is always my biggest tip to couples that are feeling a little nervous. Spend time with each other beforehand and really make it a point to connect. Then once it comes time for us to work together to take gorgeous photos of you, you automatically feel more comfortable, connected, and ready to let the world melt away and just focus on the love you two share. Laurel + Kale showed up connected and really put their trust in my guidance and prompting and it shows with the photos we captured together. 

Now that you know the inside scoop, here is their stunning gallery.


Mountain Engagement Session



This lovely session was at Mount Falcon Park in Colorado. I love this location for shoots because it is such a versatile location. It’s a huge park with so many different options of landscapes. There are boulder rocks, tall trees, trails, open areas, and mountainous backdrops. So if you are wanting multiple vibes for your photos, I highly recommend Mount Falcon. With all the different landscapes, you really can’t go wrong here.

Ready to make a day out of your engagement session and capture stunning photos together? Let’s chat!


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