Montana Elopement in Glacier National Park

I wasn’t originally supposed to be Kasandra + Keaton’s photographer. Their original photographer had to back out close to their date, so we had a limited amount of time to plan their Montana elopement. Kasandra said it was truly a “God thing”. It could not have felt more like we were meant to cross paths. These two are SO loving, friendly, hard-working, and intentional. 

Their day was truly perfect despite some speed bumps in our plans. The weather didn’t cooperate with our plan, and we couldn’t hike to the original location, but Kasandra + Keaton trusted me and had the most carefree attitudes. All that mattered to them was being married and having beautiful photos to remember all of the moments with their favorite people. We were able to do just that!

Their Ceremony

For their ceremony, they rented an Airbnb cabin, but for their portraits, we went out into Glacier National Park and took some dreamy photos. When it comes to elopements and trusting the weather, having backup locations is a necessity. This proved to be very helpful on their elopement day when the weather kept changing throughout the day. It POURED during and after their ceremony and was drizzling the entire time we were in the park. Kasandra + Keaton couldn’t have cared less that we didn’t get to do their original hike because absolutely nothing was stopping their happiness that day. We got so soaked that Kasandra’s dress was even dripping water!

Kasandra + Keaton did exactly what they wanted to for their elopement. Nothing more, nothing less. They played rock paper scissors to see who went first with vows, popped some champagne, cut a cake, and had toasts before adventuring out into Glacier National Park. I personally love when couples feel free to do what makes their hearts beat the hardest on their elopement or wedding day. It is your day and all that matters are all of the things that make you feel the most alive together.

The Sign

The most special and memorable moment of their Montana elopement was the dime that appeared on the front step of the cabin before the ceremony. It had just started raining during their first look, and on my way into their Airbnb, I saw a dime on the step. It was on heads, so clearly good luck! I felt something within me telling me not to pick it up, so I asked Kasandra if she wanted some good luck for the day. She teared up immediately, and said: “He’s here.”

Kasandra’s dad passed away years ago. Over the years, every time he shows her he’s with her he leaves a dime for her. Dimes have been found in passenger seats, in the bottom of a bag, on the step, and more. It’s always been in pivotal moments for Kasandra too. Once she saw the dime, she was even more ready to start the ceremony to officially marry Keaton.

Now that you are a little teary-eyed, let’s get into this Montana elopement gallery!

Their Montana Elopement



Photography + Planning: Claire Hunt Photography

Venue: Airbnb and Glacier National Park

Kasandra’s Dress: Weddings by Design Des Moines, Essence of Australia

Keaton’s Suit: Express

Florist: Mums Flowers Montana


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