The 10 Best Apps For Photographers

Claire Hunt

February 10, 2023

Are you looking for the best apps for photographers so you can get organized and streamline processes?

We all become photographers to create art. Very few of us get into this career being business-minded, so that’s why I created this top 10 resources + apps guide for you to follow along with, or keep reading the show notes for this episode of All Angles Photography Podcast. These apps have made a huge difference in my business, life, and client’s experience with me, so I hope this list of the best apps for photographers serves you right where you’re at!

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1. Dubsado

Start with your canned emails, then create all of your templates (questionnaires, proposals, packages, contracts, invoices, etc). After you get all of these templates in place, you can set up your workflows to send things automatically or prompt it to remind you when you need to send it out.

2. Narrative Select

I’ve tried many culling platforms and this is by far my favorite. Faces are zoomed in on for group photos, it will analyze focus, eyes being open, and so much more. But I think my absolute favorite thing about Narrative Select is that it has a scene grouping. This means you can pick the best photo out of a set of duplicates which saves you so much time culling, especially if you overshoot.

3. Notion

If you’ve ever had a platform like or Asana, you know all of our expenses add up quickly. Notion is free, so I keep everything in Notion. I track my weekly to-do list, brainstorm ideas for marketing, track my current marketing, note-taking, my editing list, and so much more. It can be really complex but that’s why I created a template for you guys to purchase from my shop. You can use the code PODSQUAD for 10% off the template. And if you want to start for free, here’s my free editing list template.

4. Toggl

If you’ve ever heard me talk about anything productivity or time management, Toggl is so important to start using today! If you don’t know how long things take, you can’t accurately block your time. Also, tracking my time helps me stay accountable for my tasks so that I don’t get distracted on Instagram for 20 minutes. It’s a small thing to implement but it makes a huge difference in productivity.

5. Planoly

Consistency is so important with any marketing platform so this is why I recommend Planoly. You can organize how your feed will look, write out your captions, automatically post reels and carousels, and so much more.

6. Flodesk

If you do not have an email list, you need one! It has been said time and time again that every person on your email list is worth money, and this has been so true for me in my business. I’ve had couples book my highest packages just because they were nurtured through my list. You can start today and Flodesk is so easy to use! Email marketing is a long game, it takes time to grow. But if you can offer value, education for couples, blogs you write, or any free guides, you’ll likely notice your inquiries coming in from your email list.

7. Tailwind

If you’ve chosen Pinterest as a marketing channel, then Tailwind is the perfect way to batch pins, attract destination couples, and attract more couples who are getting married in the dream places you want to photograph. Pinterest is a long game, like SEO, so if you’re interested in this platform at all, start today!

8. Quickbooks

If you don’t track your income, you don’t know your profit, you don’t know your expenses, you don’t track miles – you need Quickbooks. My CPA recommends Quickbooks Online. The biggest thing I love is that the app automatically tracks your miles driven when you can categorize them as personal or business miles. Then once it comes time for taxes, you’re already organized with all of these financial aspects.

9. Canva

If you’ve ever wondered how I’ve made my logo, story highlights, graphics, or anything else, Canva is the best. I recommend starting here before hiring a brand designer and spending thousands and thousands of dollars. You can design your own graphics easily with cohesive branding.

10. Pic-Time

This is the best gallery delivery service I’ve ever used! I love that you can sell albums and prints and set up automations and sales where clients, their friends, and their families can order from me. This is a great way to bring in some passive income! I’ve made over $2000 on one order alone from a sale I offered so you can see the possibilities there. You can join with the code 26T7ZC for one month free!

That’s it for today’s episode! If there’s ever anything I can do to bring education you want to hear, I’d love to hear from you on Instagram!

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