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Becoming a Lead Generation Machine WITHOUT Social Media with Rachel Traxler

Becoming a Lead Generation Machine WITHOUT Social Media with Rachel Traxler

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Marketing is consistently changing, and the days of being able to make a post on Instagram and see a bunch of inquiries come in is just not the reality anymore. We have to start learning how to build our business marketing strategies that go beyond just being present on social media. 

My guest today, Rachel Traxler, a wedding photographer, business coach, and podcaster, shares her tips on how to generate leads without relying on showing up on social media every single day. 

How Rachel started to generate leads beyond social media 

Rachel starts off by explaining that while social media is a free marketing tool we can all use, realistically, it’s not sustainable. It can be hard to stay motivated to show up in real-time every single day. Rachel discovered that there are so many other ways you can create lead generation in your business without having to do that, which removed the pressure to be on social media constantly. 

Rachel suggests having a place where you’re showing up in real-time, and for many photographers, that’s Instagram. However, you should have a few other forms of lead generation that don’t require your everyday attention in that way. But remember that this is going to look different for everyone depending on your market, niche, and ideal client. 

Rachel’s favorite ways for lead generation without social media


Rachel’s first tip is to focus on client experience and connection. Building strong relationships with clients can lead to referrals. On the other hand, building connections with vendors is equally as important. You never know what those relationships with vendors can bring to you. Rachel gets weekly inquiries from being on preferred vendor lists, and that is because of the trust couples place in these vendors’ recommendations. The more you can get onto these lists, the more you can build your brand reputation.  


Rachel also recommends creating a photographer referral kickback system. For example, if she wants to shoot weddings in Colorado, her photographer contacts in Colorado can refer her. If the referral leads to a booking, the photographer can get a kickback of 5% of what the package costs. 

Another example she gives is if a local videographer gets an inquiry and needs a photographer, they can partner with you to create a package for the couple.  

Create a wedding album for a venue 

This strategy has brought Rachel a lot of inquiries. She has created wedding albums for venues to have on display when couples are taking tours. It’s even better if you’ve shot there before! This gives couples the opportunity to visualize what their day could look like AND what their album could look like. 

Now, let’s say you haven’t shot at a venue before. Research their preferred vendors, wedding albums, social media, and website. Identify your unique selling point and let them know how you can best serve their clients.


One of the biggest mistakes Rachel sees on photography websites and with her students is that their blog posts have titles no one searches for. Being intentional with keywords and the information you provide is crucial. Your website should educate your potential clients and build trust by creating blog posts around the key stages of their journey. 

Rachel says that focusing on local vendors is also great for SEO. She explains that you can partner with a certain vendor to create a blog post and share it on both websites. The vendor will pop up on your website and you, as the photographer, will pop up on theirs. 

Local media coverage 

Rachel suggests pitching yourself to a local news or radio station during the busy season to see if they would like to do a segment on what the wedding industry looks like in your area this time of year. While this may not bring in leads that are as aligned, it can definitely give you some visibility. 

Put yourself out there

Yes, there are certain strategies that may take a little bit longer, especially with SEO or Pinterest, but if you want quicker wins, just put yourself out there. There is no such thing as over-networking. 

For a quick cash injection, send a batch email to your current clients offering an exclusive new VIP offer or a limiting time offer. This approach can add a ton of value to your services without needing to find new clients. Rachel has had clients in the past who have added $2k or $3k onto their services with these types of offers.

More from this episode 

There are so many ways to bring in leads without social media, and during this episode, Rachel goes even deeper into these 5 main tips she gives. These suggestions are so beneficial, especially with the inquiry and booking lulls so many photographers are talking about right now. If you want more lead generation strategies, you can check out Rachel’s freebie where she shares 10 of her favorites!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Rachel started to generate leads beyond social media
  • Rachel’s 5 favorite ways to generate leads without social media
  • The importance of networking and putting yourself out there
  • Grab Rachel’s freebie where she shares her 10 favorite ways to generate leads


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